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About iSOLA:  In 2010, I was advised to avoid wearing metal close to or against my skin due to its conductivity. When exposed to high levels of Radiation I would feel increased tingling, numbness and pain where the metal touched my skin. This was especially noticeable when I wore bracelets.  So I began to take apart my unused jewellery or beaded things made of organic non metallic materials and reassemble them into bracelets.  I started getting complements and requests to make them for friends and family, and it quickly became iSOLA.  During this time period, beading jewellery became my meditation and an important part of my personal healing journey.  I fell more and more in love with what I was creating, and the time I got to spend doing it. I love making iSOLA Jewellery, and even more so knowing that the healing properties of the materials combined with the healing and meditative intentions I set for each piece, will be appreciated and of benefit to someone who wants a little more from their accessories.  I am no longer restricted to non metallic jewellery, but it has become my preference. Creating and making iSOLA Jewellery has become a labour of love and a passion, and for now, there is nothing else I would rather do.

iSOLA Jewellery is meant to be worn and loved, but also to be used as a tool for staying grounded and focused on a thought, affirmation, prayer, mantra a word or your own divine centre in silence. Tune into the healing properties as often as possible.  Remove from wrist or neck when needed, and move fingers from bead to bead for as long as necessary . Once a day, once an hour, on a long walk, anytime you need to reconnect with self and source. 

All pieces are handmade with love, joy  and awareness by me.

Materials have been chosen for grounding as well as healing properties. To find out why iSOLA is so good for you, go to Healing Properties page.

The Name:  iSOLA is my mothers middle name, and I have always loved the sound and the feel of it.  It is also the middle name of my daughter Luna and my nieces Maya & Cheyenne.  It means Island in Italian and Portuguese.  

It is now also an acronym for:

I Serve Openly with Love and Abundance

Contact me here if you have any requests, question or alternative needs.