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There's a reason why Electrohypersensitive individuals are advised to give Veronica a call.

 Are you...

* Experiencing any of the symptoms that indicate you might be over exposed to high levels of radiation exposure from wireless, wifi, or cell towers?

* Unable to spend hours online finding the information you need to help you understand what your body is going through and what to do about it?

* Feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the steps necessary to find relief after being diagnosed with or suspect you have Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS)

* Feeling more and more isolated while you pull back (temporarily) from participation in our high tech society?

* Wishing you could talk with someone who understands and doesn't make you feel like you're crazy?

* Asking questions your doctor can't seem to answer?

* Then I can help *

Finding the answers and solutions to navigate this challenging territory can be overwhelming and time consuming.

With my personal experience with EHS, I've taken the journey from compromised health and lifestyle, back to well-being and the freedom to choose, and I know it's possible.

You will 

* Get clear answers as to what is happening with and throughout your body.

* Learn processes and tools to manage and reverse the debilitating effects of Electro-Hypersensitivity from the inside out.

* Be supported and guided through the process of lowering your exposure in your home and work environment.

* Gain a whole new perspective on the cause and effects of becoming sensitive.

Begin your journey back to well-being and peace of mind,

or just talk to someone who understands.

Call today for a free consultation

Veronica Ciandre