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Fibonacci Bracelets 


8mm. Fibonacci Earth  $55

8mm. Fibonacci Crossing $50 

8mm Fibonacci Night  $50


8mm. Fibonacci Red Star $55 

8mm. Fibonacci Fire $55      

8mm. Fibonacci Red Star & Red Coral with Shungite $90.00 

8mmFibonacci Red Star Triple Shungite Charmed  $100

Fibonacci Earth, Fire & Shungite Midnight Wrap. combo  $155 


 6mm Fibonacci Lava $50

 6mm Fibonacci Onyx $50

 6mm Fibonacci Smokey Quartz $50

 6mm Fibonacci Coral with Lava $40

 6mm Fibonacci Jade with Lava $40

 6mm Fibonacci Yak Bone with Silver $50

6mm Fibonacci Bone with Onyx $30 

6mm Fibonacci Onyx with bone & Shungite Charm $40

4 x 6mm Fibonacci Black & White combo with 2 Shungite charms 



 Fibonacci Combo #1 $90

 Fibonacci Combo #2 $140


10mm Fibonacci Onyx with Bone $40

 10mm Fibonacci Lava with Coral $40

10mm Fibonacci Lava with Onyx $40 

8mm Fibonacci Shungite with Coral Onyx & Sterling $75 

 10mm Shungite with Onyx & Bone $60


Neutralizes the effects of radiation on the body.

Aids in cellular regeneration.

Direct contact with the stone supports relief from pain and discomfort.

Absorbs negative patterns from within the body, and the outer environment.

Acts as a super conductor and absorbs light, making it a powerful grounder, cleanser, transformer and healing crystal.