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                         About Fibonacci by iSOLA

Fibonacci by iSOLA is the practical application of the Fibonacci Sequence of numbers for the benefit of our health.


The Fibonacci Sequence

* A sacred sequence of numbers that moves infinitely in both directions. 

*  The foundation of mathematics, Phi, Pi, the Golden Ratio & the Golden Mean Spiral.

*  A building block for nature... intrinsically linked with the manifestation of beauty, harmony and proportion in the natural world, witnessed in the branching of trees, the flowering of an artichoke, an uncurling fern and the arrangement of a pine-cone.

*  Underlies internal harmony, excellence and dynamic balance.

* The Fibonacci sequence is fractal.  Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales, across different dimensions.  They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.

*  According to physics, our minds and bodies are fractals with patterns that repeat on every level of our being, in multiple dimensions.

*  Being fractal is when the inside looks like the outside.  When inner and outer coherence is achieved. 

*  When a body is healthy, all of its fractal patterns are in tact and in harmony on the levels of mind body and soul.  When the fractal patterns are disrupted, the body exhibits imbalance and illness. 

* Gods language in numbers.

Benefits of wearing The Fibonacci Sequence  

*  DNA is the most inspiring fractal, and the Fibonacci sequence speaks its language.

* Looking at pictures of fractals is known to have the same effect as looking at nature (which is usually fractal), in generating healing energy and installing the healthy fractal pattern back into the body and soul.

*  Wearing fractals takes the healing a step further.

*  Wherever you find Fibonacci numbers, you also find fractal spirals, and the benefit of spirals is organic expansive continuous growth.

*  Wearing the Fibonacci Sequence puts you at the center of a spiral unfolding & infinitely in both directions and reminds your DNA of its original fractal blueprint.

Meditating on the Fibonacci Sequence

   *  Meditating on the Fibonacci Mala brings continual expansion and connects you with    divine, infinite creation. 

   *   Once you complete a round, you continue in the same direction and allow your meditation, prayer, mantra or affirmation to expand infinitely on a spiral that reaches throughout time and space without ceasing.

   *   The Fibonacci Sequence belongs to no religion, belief system, culture or path.  These are natures numbers.  This is natures path.

   *  When you meditate on Natures Numbers, there's no turning back.