My Journey

Redefining EHS

An opportunity to Evolve the Human System 

In January 2010 when I first became sick with radiation poisoning, or Electro as it is now called, nothing could have prepared me for the the most painful (literally & figuratively) experience in my life to date.  During the more than a year long ordeal, I repeatedly thought that nothing in the world could have prepared me for this. I was wrong, but I didn't know that until almost a year of suffering had passed.  WTF was a daily thought... what the fuck could I have possibly done to deserve such a painful turn of events... such a painful curse?  

Within two months of living within 6 feet of a number of cell towers,  I was told that I had become Eletro Sensitive, a nice term for radiation poisoning.  I spent hours and hours on the intenet trying to figure out what I had to do in order to reverse it, but  at that time, most of what I read simply expanded my newly aquired fears of my body's slow but sure demise due to the effects of a short term exposure to extremely high levels of microwave radiation at very close proximity. 

WTF became a daily question... what the fuck could I possibly have done to deserve such a painful (literally & figuratively)  turn of events?

At the time, it seemed nothing could have prepared me for this, the most painful (literally & figuratively) experience in my life to date.  I was wrong, but I didn't know that until almost a year of suffering had passed.   

I had abandoned my home within four days of being told just how bad the situation was,  yet after sleeping in 6 different places over a period of 9 days, I found myself getting progressively worse instead of better. Gratefully someone informed me that I had become Electrosensitive, and that I would either need to live in a basement, or spend some time in the country in order to begin the recovery process.


create a list of 10 things you learnt, and 10 reasons why you are glad you have the opportunity to EHS

For the next few weeks, my life spun out of control as the long lasting effect of the exposure begun to show itself.   Over a period of 9 days, I slept in 6 different homes and a hotel room, only to find the symptoms/sensations getting worse instead of better.  I was soon informed that I had become Electro-Hypersensitive.

I was first advised that in order to recover I would need to move to a place in the country, or into a basement, where I could significantly decrease if not eliminate my exposure to microwave radiation in particular, and other forms of EMF’s.

I needed to find a doctor to start monitoring my symptoms, but the only doctors who knew anything about my symptoms were alternative and cost from $300 - $600 for the first visit alone.  It wasn’t an option. The internet would have to remain the closest thing to a doctor for now, and my in depth research began.

I was also advised to find ways to detoxify my body of radiation, heavy metals, and toxins of any sort, followed by implementing ways to build up my immune system.  There were lists of vitamins, minerals and supplements to take, as well as foods if possible organic foods to strengthen, maximize, and speed up recovery. 

If possible I was to avoid sleeping on metal coil mattresses, bed frames, and would need to replace mine. Avoid all metal furniture in general, and last but not least, replace all cordless and wireless technology with wired.

All of this on a budget that was already stretched to it’s breaking point, while suffering the mental, physical, emotional, psychological and electrical effects of continuing exposure to all manner of wireless technology and other forms of EMF’s.

I believe that we as a species have become lazy.  Over time, we've put every level of our individual and collective well-being in the hands of governments, institutions and sometimes individuals who often do not have our greatest good as the yardstick by which to measure the viability of an initiative whether it be in relation to Agriculture, Food, Health, Medicine, or Technology.  The bottom line has always had the advantage.  Well, I believe the jig is about to be up.

When it comes to health and wellness, we've been taught that in order to stay that way, there are a number, in fact a large number of things we must do and buy. Eventually we reach the accepted age at which point we rapidly deteriorate/age, because that's what we are told happens. That accepted age by the way seems to be getting lower all the time, and at 40, people are feeling the way they expect at to feel at 60.

With the help of the media, I've been seeing red flags for some time now.  Certain illness have become normalized in our society. If we don't know better, we actually believe that you live your life, and then you get Cancer or Heart Disease or Allzheimers and then you die. i.e. there appears to be no such thing as old age any more..  Diseases like Cancer are the new Old Age, and no one is batting an eye.

Throughout time, we have come across information written by sages of the past and present, who remind us of the miracle of the human system.  They remind us of what is possible if we only knew and believed it to be so.  Those two words, to know and to believe, are thin lines between one kind of information and another.