My Story


When I was first told that I was Eletro Sensitive, I spent hours and hours on the intenet trying to find a relatively simple and or affordable protocol for reversing it.  At that time, most of what I found simply expanded on my newly aquired fears of my body's slow but sure demise due to the effects of a short term exposure to extremely high levels of microwave radiation.  

I had already abandoned my home, and after sleeping in 6 different places over a period of 9 days, found myself getting worse instead of better. Greatfully someone informed me that I had become electrosensitive, and that I would either need to live in a basement, or spend some time in the country in order to begin the recovery process.


In December 2009, 25 Cell towers were erected on the roof of 2 Regal Rd., 10 of them directly on top of the penthouse apartment I lived in with my then 14yr old daughter.

By the end of January 2010 I was feeling a number of strange physical sensations as well as a number of ailments, and begun to suspect it had something to do with the towers. (link to 6fu)

I called a couple of people in the EMF protection field for advice, and once I explained what I wanted to protect myself from, I was told in no uncertain terms to get out of there if I cared about myself and my daughters health.

4 days later I abandoned my home, never to live there again.

For the next few weeks, my life spun out of control as the long lasting effect of the exposure begun to show itself.   Over a period of 9 days, I slept in 6 different homes and a hotel room, only to find the symptoms/sensations getting worse instead of better.  I was soon informed that I had become Electro-Hypersensitive.

I was first advised that in order to recover I would need to move to a place in the country, or into a basement, where I could significantly decrease if not eliminate my exposure to microwave radiation in particular, and other forms of EMF’s.

I needed to find a doctor to start monitoring my symptoms, but the only doctors who knew anything about my symptoms were alternative and cost from $300 - $600 for the first visit alone.  It wasn’t an option. The internet would have to remain the closest thing to a doctor for now, and my in depth research began.

I was also advised to find ways to detoxify my body of radiation, heavy metals, and toxins of any sort, followed by implementing ways to build up my immune system.  There were lists of vitamins, minerals and supplements to take, as well as foods if possible organic foods to strengthen, maximize, and speed up recovery. 

If possible I was to avoid sleeping on metal coil mattresses, bed frames, and would need to replace mine. Avoid all metal furniture in general, and last but not least, replace all cordless and wireless technology with wired.

All of this on a budget that was already stretched to it’s breaking point, while suffering the mental, physical, emotional, psychological and electrical effects of continuing exposure to all manner of wireless technology and other forms of EMF’s.