My Work Begins

The first night I slept in my current home,I had a rude awakening.  I had used my electrosmog meter to identify the level of exposure in every potential home My first and most powerful affirmation was written on the morning of December 12/2010,  when faced with the choice of living in a house where I had just discovered was exposed to levels of radiation that my meter could not pick up, or putting all of my belongings back into a storage vehicle, and going back to the basement room I had just spent 9 months in.  At that time, both choices were more than I could take, as it seemed as though the choice was to move or die.  That was also the morning I realized there really are no accidents, and while my common sense was telling me this house will make me sick again, my higher sense kept saying this was exactly where I was supposed to be.  It began to make sense only when I realized that the work I had been studying intelectually and philosophically, was about to become my reality.