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"When the environment is fractal, it supports biology" Dan Winter (Physicist)

iSOLA Jewellery can be worn or carried to benefit from the healing properties, and also used as a tool for staying focused on a thought, affirmation, prayer, mantra, a word or your own divine centre in silence.  Remove from wrist or neck when needed, and move fingers from bead to bead for as long as necessary . Once a day, once an hour, on a long walk or sitting still, anytime you need to reconnect with self.  More

All pieces are handmade with love, joy  and awareness by Veronica Ciandre.

Find out why iSOLA is good for you on the Healing Properties page.

Contact me here if you have any requests, question or alternative needs. 

KuKui Seeds and Rudraksha Seeds Blessed by Amma (The Hugging Saint)

The beads listed as such were bought for me by a friend who just returned from her yearly sojourn and volunteer work for Amma  who is a Hindu guru based in India known as the “hugging saint.”  As an enlightened being, she emits Shakti (energy) that can help you break through your suffering, and wake you up to who you truly are.  Beads blessed by Amma continue to bless those who wear them.

Onyx with bone and KuKui Seed $50.00

3 Bracelet Combo: Bone, wood, 925 Sterling Infinity symbol, Onyx, Kukui Seed. $120.00

Polished Onyx, 925 Sterling, Rudraksha Seed.  $50.00

Limited Edition Green Sandalwood Blessed by Amma (the Hugging Saint)

Sand. Wood with Magnesite.$40.00

Sandalwood with 925 OM $45.00

Sandalwood with Bone $30.00

Lava with silver pltd long bead. $50.00

White Bone with 925 Antique Sterling prayer box $70.00

Red Coral with silver bead. 50.00

 Shungite Wrap

Midnight Wrap

 Sand Wrap

Midnight OM Wrap

colour / pendant


Rutilated Quartz

Shungite Sand

OM Sand

Crossing Sands



Shungite Sky

OM Sky

 Star Sky


Infinitely iSOLA

Infinite Earth

Infinite Water

 Infinite Fire



Midnight Crossing Stone

 Midnight Star

 Midnight Crossing



10% off these combinations till Sunday, June 9th, midnight

Om symbol can be replaced with Infinity symbol





 For Him

10mm Black Onyx beads.  Shungite chunk. Sterling pltd beads & Red Coral

Zen Red Coral

Night Fire Stack

Zen Onyx

Triple Night Stack

One Zen Onyx

Night Crossing

 Night Fire Crossing

 2 Zen Onyx

 20% off Magnesite bracelets

Magnesite Disc

 iSOLA Affirmation Beads 

& Pendulum


Stay focused on repeated words, affirmations, prayers or mantras by moving your fingers from bead to bead. For sitting or walking meditation. The combination of using the beads while reciting an affirmation brings you a sense of tranquility and connection with the divine & helps you keep your mind where you choose.  Carry in your pocket or purse, and use as often as possible.  

 True Zen Heart Coral

Wise Zen Heart Coral

Brave Zen Heart Coral

Strong Zen Heart Coral

Black Onyx Beads, Sterling Silver Zen Heart, Rutilated Quartz, Red Coral, Sterling pltd Beads

True Zen Heart Onyx

Wise Zen Heart Onyx

Brave Zen Heart Onyx

Strong Zen Heart Onyx

10mm Yak Bone beads, Sterling Silver Zen Heart, Rutilated Quartz, Silver pltd beads

True Zen Heart Clear

 Wise Zen Hear Clear

 Brave Zen Heart Clear

One Zen Silver

Big Heart Coral 12mm

one set left!

 Big Heart Onyx

one set left!

Rutilated Quartz

One Zen Coral Silver

One Zen Onyx Coral

One Zen Onyx Silver

All items are ready to be shipped or picked up within 3 - 5 days.

Packaged in a burlap gift bag along with a printed affirmation for inspiration and healing.  

Gift bags are handmade by Phlox & Moxie

Tuareg Cross Mala

One of a Kind

108 Onyx Beads

Tuareg Cross


more info here

iSOLA Dream combo

made to order

Black Lava with silver plated metal bead. Shungite pendant and sterling silver dream charm.

Red Sponge Coral with Shungite bead. Shungite pendant and sterling silver dream charm.

Sterling Silver Dream charm hangs in front of Shungite.

Dream combo color


108 Bead Malas


One of A Kinds

See them here

Turquoise Chunk
Magnesite Chunk
Turquoise Cross
Triple Zen w. Beads


80.00 Shungite + Selected pendant + your personal additional pendant.

$100.00 Shngite + Two selected pendants. 

contact me to see what's possible.


Made to order


Bead Options
Shungite Pendant Bracelets
Cowrie Shell Bracelet
Turquoise Pendant
Magnesite Chunk

OM Disc  (limited)  

Limited  availability of OM disc.

OM Disc Bead Colour
OM Symbol Bracelet
Triple Zen w. Beads

One Zen   

One Zen Colours

iSOLA Stacks   

 Mix and match your own or choose from the following stacks.  

*  Price includes all the bracelets in each photo *












 i Heart





iSOLA Affirmation Beads 

Contact me to order Affirmation Beads 

Prices range from $25.00 - $50.00


Affirmation Beads ordered for a 4yr old.  It's never to soon to start affirming what we choose.

 *This information throughout this website is not intended as medical advice. It is for educational purposes only.*