Steps I Took to reverse symptoms

I was told three things would be necessary for me to recover from the Radiation Sickness.

1.   Reduce or avoid exposure

2.   Detoxify my body

3.   Strengthen my immune system.

Over time I added a fourth, and what would become the most important step.

4.   Detoxify my mind. 

With minimal financial resources I had to find cost effective ways to do all of the above, all while experiencing hugely compromised health, decreased mental capacity, and regular emotional breakdowns.

1. Reduce Exposure

1.  I abandoned my home of 12 years (I wasn't taking any chances), while trying to figure out how, when and where to move to, and lived in a basement for 9 months where there was zero exposure to RF, and minimal exposure to EMF’s.

2.  Reduced use of cell phone and when I did use it I used a Blue-Tube headset.  I forwarded my cell to a landline when at home.  Stopped carrying phone close to body.

3.  Cut down on computer use by 90% and used an external keyboard with a mouse. 

4.  Turned off WiFi, Bluetooth, Fetch & GPS in cell phone and WiFi & Bluetooth in computer.

5.  Switched to corded landline phone. Threw cordless phone into garbage.

6.  Stopped watching television for a few months.

7.  Stopped using ipod with headphones.

8.  Unplugged everything in sleeping area. I now turn off all the circuits in my home at night.

9.  Stopped sleeping on a metal coiled mattress.  Switch to foam or futon.

10. Reduce use of metal jewellery, and removed metal furnishings and large objects around the home, particularly in sleeping area. i.e. lamps, large candlestick holders, picture frames.

2. Pyysical Detox  My main focus was returning the body to alkaline state, and cell repair.

1.  Oil Pulling.  I started in April 2010, and continue to do it on a daily basis. I use Sunflower oil.

2. Himalayan Salt Brine Therapy. I started in July 2010, and continue to do it on a daily basis.  Every now and then I stop for a few days.

3.  I drank a lot of filtered water or structured water whenever possible. 

4.  Drank lemon water daily, and ate grapefruits as often as possible.

5.  Schuessler Tissue Salts.  I bought 3 different formulas (will find and list) and took them until they ran out... approximately a month.

6.  Created a baking soda scrub that I used in the shower every night, combined with essential oils.  Lavender, Geranium, Rose, & Grounding.

7.  Himalayan Sea Salt, & Epsom salt baths as often as possible.  (I didn't have constant access to bath so it was occasional)

8.  Grounding in High Park.  I tried to go every week during the summer and walk barefoot through the wooded area, sometimes for up to two hours.

9.  Angelica: Alternative Energy Healer: Through prayer, and her particular form of spiritual healing, she did for me what I could not do for myself at the time. 

Strengthening Immune System


Mind Detox

  1. Affirmations:  It was difficult to stay positive, but within a month of abandoning my home I started reading & listening to inspirational material whenever possible just to maintain some level of hope.
  2. Prayer:  It took a long time for me to do anything but ask ‘why me?’, eventually I did get an answer. I’ve always believed there are no accidents, and that we are never given more than we’ve been previously equipped to handle, but this was my most painful learning curve to date and it took the whole year for the bigger lights to go on and for me to get about the business of turning a problem into a possibility.