Susan Joy Rennison

"Tuning the Diamonds - Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution"  

This book explains that our planet is facing evolutionary change NOT global warming, driven by the constant bombardment of solar, cosmic and galactic energy -- collectively called Spaceweather by our scientists. This massive influx of New Energy is dramatically changing the electromagnetic environment on Earth and is the real cause of the upsurge of extreme weather and climate change. As well as effecting our technological world, the author Susan Joy Rennison postulates that our world is facing a spiritual transformation

Many metaphysical sources have warned that August/September 2007 will mark a dramatic escalation of evolutionary energies and the electromagnetic grid of our planet is not adequately prepared to handle the onslaught. Thus, as a consequence, there may be extreme Earth changing events. 

"Tuning the Diamonds" is carefully researched with over five hundred references, which span the disciplines of astrophysics, physics, geophysics, geology, history, biology & medicine and juxtaposes this with the most respected metaphysical teaching in the world.


Susan Joy Rennison (B.Sc. Hons) has spent over 25 years as an alternative free-thinking individual. She has an honors degree in Physics and Geophysics from a British University and has years of experience as a software analyst with project management skills. She is now an alternative practitioner, independent researcher, author and speaker. She currently resides in Stavanger, Norway

"The evolution of mankind is at hand and massive change is underway. Evolutionary change is energy driven and "New Energy" is coming from deep space. In turn, the Sun is going beserk and Earth is being bombarded with solar, cosmic and galactic electromagnetic energy. The Earth is experiencing "Space Weather" on an "unprecedented" scale, a fulfillment of Mayan prophecy".