The Healing Code

Although I didn't have access to the Healing Code when I was at my worst with EHS, it is a powerful system that directly addresses frequency, and the source of all physical, emotional and spiritual imbalance.  It is ideal for dealing with the various symptoms of ES while they are still at the level of frequency.

While removing ourselves from sources of exposure remains the most important first step, the next step ought to be finding or practising ways of returning the physical system to a frequency that fosters well-being.  This is one powerful way to do that. 

The Healing Code itself is shared in the book, and I highly recommend it.

"Why would you want to use quantum physics instead of chemicals (medicines) or nutritionals to heal a stress and energy problem?  The critical factor in either approach is the transfer of information to the problem.  Chemicals and nutritionals are transferred from molecule to molecule at the rate of about one centimeter per second, and a little is lost in each transfer.  The transfer of information through energy occurs at around 186,000 miles per second, and almost nothing is lost in the transfer.  If the origin of the problem is energy, [frequency] doesn't it make sense to heal it with energy [frequency]?"

Dr. Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND, with Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD