The Affirmation

My biggest single shift during my reversal of Electro Sensitivity, came the morning that I wrote The Affirmation below.  I had reached the lowest point in my journey, and I imagined death would be easier than trying to manage this condition any longer.  I had spent the morning in deep meditation, contemplation and a constant stream of tears, as I tried to make sense of what had happened to my life. I had nothing else to lose, as I  began to ask a series of questions, whose surprising and precise answers led to a new and incredible sense of possibility, and a clear understanding of why I was exactly where I was meant to be. The following Affirmation came pouring out, and many more followed. 

It might sound crazy, but I knew from years of listening to people like Dr. Bruce Lipton, that my cells would respond to anything I could hold as a strong belief and a constant reminder.  Also Dr. Joe Dispenza who reminds us that the mind is more powerful than science, and the mind is more powerful than matter... and so it is.  

I believed it was possible to change my body's relationship and response to radiation, and I did.  

Dr. Joe Dispenza & Dr. Bruce Lipton became important medicine for my mind.  I listened to them and a few others day in and day out.  Check out the book and video section for more names.

I recommend you print more than one copy of The Affirmation pdf below; always have a copy on you; read as often as needed, especially at the first moment you feel exposure; keep a copy under your pillow and read it first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.

This too shall pass...