G r o u n d e d

Welcome to SOWE Grounded.  On this site you'll find 
the steps and the understanding it took for me to reverse the 
negative effects of Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS), 
and return to well-being.
I encourage you to watch the uploaded videos if you are able, 
as they played a huge part in keeping me focused on 
what was possible.  More videos will be added over time.

Good food for thought...

"Those portions of your brain that [are being] activaed at the present have the ability - simply through knowing - to reconstruct any damaged part within your body, wherever it is.  The moment you know your body can heal itself, that thought sends a greater spark through the central nervous system to where the damaged part is, which will cause the DNA factor within each cell to clone and reconstruct the cell perfectly.  Perfectly.  You think that is miraculous?  That is the way it should be and is".

The mind is stronger than matter