If you suspect you are Electro-Sensitive, or simply feeling one or more of the effects of over exposure to microwave radiation and other forms of electro-magnetic frequencies,  then below is a quick-list of  things you can do today to lower your exposure in your living space, and begin the reversal process, or maintain or improve on your current level of well-being.


1.  WiFiSwitch off the WiFi antenna in your home or workspace when not in use, and especially at night.  If the WiFi cannot be switched off, unplug the unit.  If possible, switch to an Ethernet connection as soon as you can.

2.  Cell Phone: Avoid holding your cell phone against your head or skin when in use.  Avoid carrying it in your pocket or against your body.  Use speakerphone or get a corded headphone (included with most phones). Blue Tube is best.  Turn off the WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth settings in your phone.  Do not cup the phone in the palm of your hand when in use.  Avoid overuse of cell phone in a car, bus or train. Turn off cell phone at night and remove from sleeping area.  If you believe you are Sensitive to Radiation or are in the process of reversing the symptoms, then reduce or stop the use of cell phones as much as possible, at least temporarily. 

3.  Computers: Turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth options in your desktop or laptop system preferences unless in use. If wifi is not switched off in the system preferences, it will continue to radiate even if you are not using it to connect to the internet. Switch to ethernet if possible. 

4.  Cordless Phones: Unplug cordless phones at night. Replace with corded phones as soon as you can.  Cordless phones are worse than cell phones because they radiate 24/7

5.  Sleeping Area: Remove all electrical devices from sleeping area until you know exactly what you are sensitive to.  Avoid spending lots of time in close proximity to anything that is plugged in, including TV’s, clock radios, lamps, electric blankets, fridges and stoves, computers, iPOD, video games, until you know what exactly your sensitive to .  Unplug any electronics or small appliances when not in use. Turning off doesn't stop the current from flowing.

6.  Metals: Replace metal coil filled mattress if possible & replace as soon as you can with a foam, cotton or feather. Remove decorative or other metal objects such as lamps from immediate sleeping areas, as they are conductive and increase your level and experience of exposure. Reduce the amount of metal you wear, i.e. heavily chained jewelry, metal framed glasses etc. Anything conductive against your skin will increase your level and experience of exposure.

7.  Body: Detox your body through Nutrition & or fasting. Sole Drinking. Oil Pulling. Water. Earthing or Grounding.

8.  Mind: Detox your mind using: Prayer, Mantras, Affirmations, Words, Sounds, Expand Consciousness.

9.  Support: See a doctor or alternative practitioner, if possible one who is open, and sympathetic to the occurrence or the symptoms of Electro-Hypersensitivity.  If you have access to an environmental health clinic, start the procedure for getting an appointment now and eventually a diagnosis. If neither of those are possible, find a friend or family member who can support you.  Reversal is possible, so begin now to learn and implement.

10.  Breathe: Take a deep breath and remember that this too shall pass.


* Whether or or not you are Electrosensitive, adhering to the above list should bring an increased level of well-being.

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  *The information throughout this website is not intended as medical advice. It is for educational purposes only.*