Veronica Ciandre 

Veronica is a Certified Emotional Clearing Counselor (I.P. Therapy) and a creative soul who is passionate about the pursuit of maximizing human potential. From the moment she understood that  'thoughts create our reality', Veronica has consciously practised the art of reframing and redefining her own thoughts and her own life, and creates and shares various tools to help others shift with intention and clarity. 

She's an award-winning hairstylist for Film and Television, and spent 26 years in the industry where according to Vanessa A William's, she's put in her 10,000 hours of one on one counselling . “She is one of those rare individuals with a laser like ability to identify the crux of an issue, and when necessary she gives compassionate, yet tough-minded counsel”. 

Veronica’s commitment to sharing the message of mind over matter and the importance of raising your vibration, deepened when after exposure to high levels of radiation from 10 cell antennas installed directly above her top floor apartment in 2010, she began exhibiting symptoms of radiation toxicity, was forced to abandon her home of 12 years and later diagnosed with severe Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS) which she prefers to call Evolving the Human System (EHS). 

Although she was advised to leave the city and technology behind if she wanted to maintain even a low level of well-being, Veronica chose instead to follow the guidance that came one morning through prayer and meditation, which assured her she could learn to navigate the challenging environment with inner tools she already had.  Over the next year, Veronica successfully managed to reverse 99% of the worst symptoms, and redefine her body’s response to the irradiated soup that has become our collective environment and eventually brought her body forward to a level of well-being beyond what was thought possible. 

In 2012 Veronica created and continues to produce a line of  'wearable medicine' for mindful people, called iSOLA Jewelry, and on a regular basis she counsels others by sharing her journey, and the steps she took towards well-being.  She facilitates a detox bootcamp for the mind, called "When Words Become Medicine", which helps individuals identify, detoxify and replace the hidden thoughts and beliefs that keep them from raising their vibration, and focus in the direction of their highest frequency and well-being.  For more info: Email