"Rewiring Your Brain to a New Reality."  Parts 1 - 4

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Quantum Physics 1 - 3                       

"What makes us so unique as human beings, is that when other species are subjected to harsh environmental conditions, they have to continuously expose themselves to it over and over again until they start to modify their behavior, and as they start to modify their behavior, after several generations, they may be able to change their genetics and produce a way to acclimate or change as a result of that environmental stimuli. What's that called? Evolution right?  But that may take thousands of years, human beings don't have to do that. The human being, because of the size of the frontal lobe, can change in a year, can modify themselves in a week, can become a different person, in a day, we can evolve ourselves and become somebody else, and not have to go through the long continuum of trial and error"

Dr. Joe Dispenza